Residential Moving

Moving out of a home, apartment, retirement community etc. can be stressful for anyone without moving help. Champs muscle movers guarantees excellent service with skilled residential movers and packers. Our team’s vast experience in relocating households locally and nationwide makes us the right residential moving company for you.

Champs Muscle Movers will save you the complications of inexperience solicited from friends and family on a last-minute move. We provide capable residential movers with trucks of adequate size to take on all sizes and scope of work needed.

We safely carry along specialty items such as pianos, gun safes, antiques, and hot tubs during relocation. Our residential moving service include – furniture disassembly/ reassembly, disconnect/ reconnect laundry appliances, dismount Tvs from the wall etc. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our clients and building positive relationships in the community.

Rest assured that by choosing our services, you will not only receive exceptional quality but also save money with our hourly rates, which are more affordable than those offered by the competition. Allow us to demonstrate why we are regarded as a top-rated residential moving company in Madison, AL. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free quote!


Apartment Movers

When it’s time to move into your new apartment or condo, you can rely on Champs Muscle Movers for a quick and efficient process. Our local movers specialize in providing stress-free moving services to apartment complexes in the greater Huntsville, AL, metro area. Moreover, with our help and expertise, you can easily overcome the challenges posed by stairs.

Home Movers

For a comprehensive and hassle-free move, count on us to provide a thorough packing service, professional movers, & spacious moving trucks. At Champs Muscle Movers, we go the extra mile by offering same-day local residential moving services at no additional charge. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on our competitive pricing, consistently beating other moving companies’ prices.

Senior Movers

A specialized residential moving service that caters to seniors who require assistance with furniture relocation within their homes or even moving across town. Our senior movers ensure that your belongings are well-cared for, taking great care throughout the process. We understand that insurance coverage can not replace the sentimental value that certain items hold, particularly in old age.


Our unshakeable belief in maintaining service standards and integrity qualifies us as the best residential moving company for an imminent move. We have earned a high reputation not by making claims but by result-driven work. We available same day to conveniently move you, whether it is for heavy lifting, packing or movers with truck. Our team is adept at loading and unloading, which removes most of the hard work in moving. Our tactical shrewdness in predicting the possible challenges makes us the No.1 moving service provider.

Why People Choose Us

Professional Residential Movers

At Champs Muscle Movers, we take immense pride in our work and approach it with joy. We begin by prioritizing safety precautions to ensure the well-being of everyone involved in the process, leaving no room for accidents or mishaps. Additionally, we maintain open lines of communication, consistently sharing our intentions and seeking your input throughout the duration of the move. This proactive approach enables our team to swiftly address any concerns and prevents any reservations from lingering or festering.

Affordable Rates

Champs Muscle Movers offers unquestionably affordable yet exceptional residential moving services in Madison, Alabama area. We put untiring effort into your relocation to fulfill your underlying needs of keeping the move comfortable, timely and affordable.

Reliable Equipment

We have familiarity with the industry’s best equipment that helps us easily load or unload your belongings. Consequently, the process becomes faster and more efficient.

Customized Vehicles

We are well-equipped to handle both local and long-distance residential moves with our fleet of large-size vehicles, ensuring the safe transportation of all your belongings.

Residential Moving Services

  • Local Moving constitutes a significant portion of the moving jobs we undertake, encompassing all the services we provide. Recognizing the frequency of such requests, we have local movers readily available to accommodate short-notice needs without any additional charges.
  • Appliance Moving for residential or commercial purposes such as fridges, commercial coolers, vending machines, and are in the scope of what our appliance movers are experienced in doing.
  • Full-Service Moving between residences or office space involves full-service movers with trucks but could also include packing and unpacking for a local and long-distance relocation.
  • Furniture Moving and Assembly is a popular labor service choice, often requested by customers who need furniture movers to move furniture within their homes or loading and unloading U-Haul trucks, PODS, storage units, and similar arrangements.
  • Packing Services are available in two options to suit your needs. Firstly, we offer standalone packing services, where we carefully pack your belongings for transportation by other moving companies. Alternatively, our comprehensive full-service relocation plan includes packing services as part of the package.
  • Specialty Items Moving is a service we offer specifically for the transportation of delicate and valuable items such as upright pianos, safes, hot tubs, antiques, and art. Our team of professional movers at Champs Muscle Movers undergoes training to handle these items efficiently.